Th!nkbott LLC. This character is more than a character, he is a symbol of the best there is of humanity.

Welcome. If your here your spirit/energy drew you to this site. Prepare to go on a journey of self discovery that was revealed to me in the strangest way. 

This character started out as a smudge on the wall. I was at a moment in my life when I was on the verge of losing my mind. I took out a pen and pad and started sketching. Pouring energy into this character. I took it through different emotions, different situations in illustration. I showed a couple people my drawings and someone said, " you have a children's book." Months and months later, revised multiple times, life incorporated situations and I give you not just a book, a series of life changing information and illustrations. I reveal to you.


This character started out as a smudge on the wall. I started pouring energy into this thing. Making it a tool of exertion. I was at a point in my life where I was about to lose my mind. This character and my art saved me from insanity. I've re-written and redrawn pages and images over and over again and again. This is the brightest part of me in all my work. I present to you my light, given to me from the creator.

Jovon Andre James