I had to find my own form of art. Just like in L.I.F.E. ( Learn Information Formulate Experiences ) we are each individually here to learn information through various sources in various ways. We then apply the information or not, but our experience is ours and ours alone. We are here to find out who we are in this portrait that's been drawn and what purpose do we fill in this momentary physical sensation, but everlasting spiritual evolution. Prepare to be amazed.

I am Th!nkbott. This is my own form of art. In life we're meant to be ourselves. We Learn Information Formulate Experiences and develop characteristics. I have two types of art. 1. Shade art. I shade in an area and things pop out, I barely add lining just enough to give the image it's proper appearance. 2. my scribb art. I tap into something that gets my attention and let go. I turn the page all types of ways until I see the thing I can't stop seeing. Sometimes I understand the image sometimes I don't. But all the time a peice of my soul is in my work. My soul is priceless. Be amazed.

Jovon Andre James